We source and wholesale the meat of Australian producers who stand by their products, many of our meats brands are awarded, feted, desired and trusted. We are dedicated to sourcing the best & premium meat products for our customer’s needs from producers whom we believe have a real understanding of quality and consistency.

We can offer our customers choice. As well as brand options or price point products, we stock organic, Halal and chemical free meats, a selection of artisanal small goods and our own gourmet sausages. We can source the best products to suit your requirements.

We bring the best meats to you with an efficient and reliable service. Our products are correctly packaged, handled and stored to ensure maximum shelf life and top eating quality.



Our best beef is sourced from the best brands. Well-bred beef that is renown and often awarded for delivering great eating quality, tenderness and taste. 

All our beef and veal meats are graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and we offer a selection of high-quality pasture or grain-fed beef, Wagyu beef, price point beef, halal and a range of organic and hormone-free products. In addition we offer select quality veal products.

We give our customers plenty of choice – with a comprehensive range of beef cuts. Call us today. We can package and deliver your beef and veal order to your exact requirements.



Quite simply, we source our chicken from one of the best Australian poultry farmers. Fresh Australian poultry products – chemical and hormone free – from hens that are corn fed, free to roam and raised under best farming and processing practices.

We specialise in delivering fresh poultry that is healthier, tastier and juicer, and prepared to your exact specifications.

Our range of poultry includes chicken, turkey, and duck.

Call us today and we will package and deliver your poultry order to your exact requirements





As lamb suppliers to the hospitality and catering sector, we are continually sourcing product that delivers the best eating experience for our customers. Our select lamb producers consistently deliver a tender, tasty product that meets our standards and of course, your expectations.

We value our clients feedback. As a result of years of consultation with chefs and restaurant managers, we use specially weighted whole lambs for our lamb products – portioned, prepared and packaged on-site by our own butchers.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality pasture or grain-fed lamb as well as a range of organic or hormone-free products. Call us today. We can package and deliver your lamb order to your exact requirements.




We pride ourselves on sourcing the best Australian pork – moist, tender and lean, from the best pork producers, with the best credentials, who offer a range of pork cuts to suit our customers cooking styles.

Naturally, we only supply Australian pork from producers committed to providing a quality, safe product, that adheres to quality assurance programs such as the Australian Pork Industry Quality Program.

Our pork product range includes leg, loin and shoulder roasts, chops, cutlets, and fillets. We also supply diced pork, knuckles and gourmet items.

Call us today and we will package and deliver your pork order to your exact requirements.




We offer our clients a wide selection of smallgoods sourced from respected Australian producers who are passionate about the ingredients, the taste and the quality of their products.

Many of our smallgoods are made using traditional European methods – rolled, cured, dried and naturally fermented – from the best and freshest Australian ingredients.

Our own gourmet sausages are simply the best! Our exclusive range of artisan sausages are made from fresh ingredients to our supplier’ s own secret recipes – with no artificial colouring, flavours or MSG – then smoked in hickory wood.

Order your frankfurts, salami, hams, sausages, coppa, pancetta, corned silverside, pastrami, mortadella, bacon, prosciutto, smoked poultry and meats – today!


We have been supplying quality Australian game and venison to the hospitality & catering sectors for years – chefs and gourmet food lovers have enjoyed the difference these meat options bring to the table.

As this market sector continues to grow, we are committed to sourcing the best and freshest supply of Australian game and venison, harvested and farmed by carefully selected suppliers under quality controls – regardless of the season.

Our range includes venison, wild boar, goat, rabbit, pheasant, partridge, quail, guinea fowl, spatchcock, kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

Call us today and we will package and deliver your game and venison order to your exact requirements.