Encore Tissue are a family business with over 20 years experience in paper manufacturing.

We have the most modern plant and equipment in the Oceanic region, including converting facilities with the most advanced technology in Australia.

This gives Encore Tissue the unique ability to manufacture the broadest range of toilet paper and paper towel products in the market – In short, there’s almost nothing we cant make!

We are major manufacturers of private label products, currently supplying 25 SKU’s to Australian retailers, as well as our own proprietary ranges – icare, Safe, Duve & Merino.

Encore Tissue are also the largest manufacturer of recycled paper products in Australia.

100% Made & Owned
100% Recycled Paper
100% Biodegradable
Safe for all Septic Tanks
Recycle Endorsed
FSC Certified


MERINO™ EVERYDAY is your solution for establishments requiring the perfect combination of quality, softness and a value for money.

The Everyday range is thicker, softer and more superior wet strength than other products in its category.

The Everyday Toilet Tissue range is designed to rapidly break down once in contact with water, fully biodegradable and safe for all systems.




The MERINO™ EARTHWISE range is made from 100% recycled clean office waste paper, reducing paper going to landfill.

The Earthwise toilet tissue and towel range is designed to a premium standard in quality, softness and superior wet strength. The perfect solution when customer satisfaction and being environmentally responsible is a priority.

The trees will thank you





MERINO™ EXECUTIVE range is the ideal solution for establishments not only requiring their toilet tissue and towel to be aesthetically pleasing in their washroom, but to be the perfect combination of luxuriously soft, premium quality and superior wet strength.

We only use 100% premium graded virgin fibre and the most advanced toilet tissue and towel production processes available.

When only the best will do, MERINO™ EXECUTIVE delivers






Moccona instant coffee is created using two of the world’s finest beans: Arabica and the Robusta. The Arabica has a softer sweeter taste with berry and fruit tones that create luscious acidity reminiscent of good wine. The Robusta bean has a deep rich flavour with more caffeine and gives a deep rich flavour to any brew.

Soak up this moment of pure indulgence and spoil yourself with some ‘me time’ from Moccona. Explore our range of indulgent products, admire our inspired creations made from upcycled jars and enjoy the most pleasurable coffee experience imaginable.



Olive pomace oil is olive oil that is extracted from olive pulp after the first press.
It is a refined oil, which has a mild taste to it.

Once the mechanical oil extraction of olive oil is complete, approximately 5-8 percent of the oil remains in the pulp, which then needs to be extracted with the help of solvents, an industrial technique used in the production of most other edible oils including canola, peanut, sunflower, etc.

Has some health benefits but not as much as other types of oils.

Usually used for deep frying,  but is still good for human consumption.


  • Made with purified water and naturally dervied skin-soothing ingredients
  • Thick, durable and cloth-like
  • Club box contains (8) individually wrapped packages
  • 736 Package Quantity


Scent: Unscented
Health Facts: Paraben-free, hypoallergenic, dye-free, no fragrance added, ethyl alcohol-free, phthalate-free, aluminum-free, non-toxic
Disposability: Do not flush
Sustainability Claims: Cruelty-free
Package Quantity: 736
Features: Refill Pack


Up&Up sensitive skin baby wipes are large, durable, ultra-soft wipes, now with gentle waves to help clean messes better. Made with 99% purified water, they are gentle enough for use on baby’s bottom, hands and face. These wipes are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, dyes, parabens, fragrance, phthalates and other harsh irritants.


Your clear choice for clean. Ingredients these products are formulated without, by category: • Beauty, Personal Care & Cleaning – formulated without Phthalates, Propyl-paraben & Butyl-paraben, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). • Feminine Care, Adult Care & Diapers – fragrance free and chlorine free. • Pets – formulated with meat, poultry, or seafood as the first ingredient, and without artificial colours, flavors, or preservatives.

Phthalate Free

A product that either carries an unqualified on-pack statement indicating that the product is free from phthalates, or carries an unqualified on-pack statement “no phthalates.”

Paraben Free

A product that either carries an unqualified on-pack statement indicating that the product is free from parabens, or carries an unqualified on-pack statement “no parabens.”

A product that either makes an on-pack statement indicating that it does not contain synthetic fragrance, or carries an unqualified on-pack statement “no fragrance”.


A product that either makes an unqualified on-pack statement indicating that it does not contain dye, or carries an unqualified on-pack statement such as “no dyes” or “dye-free.”