CML Australia Made Milk Powder

  • 14 different types of milk powders
  • Already supplying and Licensed in the Chinese market
  • Can CIF in most countries depending on transport availability
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All categories of CML milk powders are Australian made scientifically formulated powders enriched with milk protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and nutrients for people who desire an active and healthy lifestyle. Fresh milk as the raw material is all sourced from strong, healthy pasture-fed dairy cows in Australia.

CML Australian made milk powders are suitable for both adults and children with different ages. CML milk powders can be packaged into sachets, foil standing bags or tins in accordance with GMP, HACCP and under conditions that comply with State, Federal regulations prescribed for the manufacturer of dairy products Australia.

Current available milk powder categories are as follows:

Baby formula

  • Infant Formula Step One 0-6 months
  • Follow-on Formula Step Two 6-12 months
  • Toddler Step Three 1-3 years old

Pupil Nutritional Formula

  • For pupils
  • Students who are in primary school

Teenager Nutritional Formula

  • For teenagers
  • Students who are in middle school and high school

Full Cream Milk Powder

  • For everyone who consumes milk
  • Usually in family pack 1kg/ bag which can make into 7L milk

Skim Milk Powder

  • Less than 1% fat
  • For everyone who consumes milk
  • Usually in family pack 1kg/ bag which can make into 7L milk

Organic Milk Powder

  • For everyone who consumes milk
  • Similar to full cream milk powder with organic┬ácertified ingredients

Lifestyle Nutritional Formula

  • For people who are over 60 years old
  • Specially formulated for elder population to supplement enough nutrition and keep well being

Lactose Free Nutritional Formula

  • For people who are with lactose intolerance
Low GI Nutritional Formula

  • Good for people who are diabetic
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Low GI properties increase metabolism of body fat
  • Help maintain stable blood glucose levels
  • Important source of protein and calcium

Colostrum Nutritional Formula

  • Suitable for adult and children
  • Enriched with immunoglobulins(igG), milk protein, calcium, fiber, sodium, vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Support immune system and digestive system

Lactoferrin Probiotics Formula

  • Suitable for adult and children
  • Lactoferrin is known as “liquid gold” found to be rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Probiotics are live micro-organisms which support a healthy gut microbiome by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and improving overall digestion

Meal Replacement Nutritional Formula

  • For people who have an active style and watch their weight
  • This formula promotes muscle development, aids in fat loss, help maintain stable blood sugar level, and raise a healthy metabolism

Pregnancy Nutritional Formula

  • Step one for women who prepare to get pregnant and during pregnancy
  • Step two for women who have just given birth to new born babies

Yoghurt Powder and maker

  • For everyone who consumes yoghurt
  • 200g yoghurt powder can be made into 1L fresh yoghurt
  • Flavors in natural, vanilla, strawberry and banana